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LED Lighting Upgrades for Western Australian Businesses

Switch to LED lights and upgrade to a better future for both your business and the planet.

Additionally, for a limited time only, your business may be eligible to claim up to $25,000 through a Government Grant for Western Australian Food and Beverage Manufacturing Businesses.  

Reasons To Upgrade Now:

Reduce Lighting Energy Consumption by Up to 70%

Improve Sustainability and Reduce Operating Costs

Customised Solutions and Advice

Claim Up to $25,000 in Government grant until 18/02/2022

How Much Do You Know About LED Lighting? 

Most likely, you would have heard about LED lighting before BUT have you heard how your business can personally reap its benefits when it comes to energy consumption, cost reduction and safety improvements?

More streamline and emitting more light, Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are a popular alternative to traditional light bulbs and fluorescent tubes. But what makes them so de-light-ful for businesses?

  • LED lighting upgrades typically reduce lighting energy consumption by 50-70%, having an enormous impact on your running costs. It will even recoup your initial upgrade cost within a short period of time.
  • Not only do LED lights have a long life span of up to 10 years (and are virtually unbreakable), but there are no maintenance costs involved – say goodbye to replacing globes, tubes or ballasts!
  • LED lighting offers better visibility, light distribution and colour clarity, resulting in a safer work environment for your staff and a better first impression of your building to your customers.
  • Unlike fluorescent lights, LED lights are toxic-free as they don’t contain any mercury and are even ‘instant on’ lighting with no warm-up time.
  • LED lights operate at a cooler temperature, reducing the heat load on your building. In turn, this will reduce your air conditioning costs and reduce the chance of your building catching on fire from spontaneous ignition with accumulated particles.
  • With more than 20 years of experience and partnered with the best brands in the industry, Peri Peri Electrical is the trusted Perth Electrician to switch your business on with LED.

4 Simple Steps to Upgrade to LED Lighting

Step One

Contact us to book an obligation free Energy Solution Consultation with our experienced team.

Step Two

We assess your suitability and requirements for a LED Lighting Upgrade.

Step Three

We provide a proposed solution with a clear understanding of the expected energy use savings and return on your investment.

Step Four

Supply and install the LED Lighting Upgrades.

Reduce your energy consumption, save on power bills with the help of a government grant!

Applications for the Energy Efficient Communities Program – Food and Beverage Manufacturing Business Grants are open until the 18th of February, 2022.

This grant offers eligible businesses from $10,000 to $25,000 to improve energy efficiency practices and technologies and better manage energy use to reduce power bills. A total of $19.9 million is available across Australia through this grant and $1.96 million of the grant is available to West Australian small and medium food and beverage manufacturing businesses. Applications close on 18th February 2022, and grants will be paid up-front with no co-contribution required. You can find out more about the grant here.

If you’re considering applying for the grant for an LED lighting upgrade to your premises – talk to the Peri Peri team today. We are experts in sustainable energy solutions and can assess your suitability for a lighting upgrade, calculate the proposed energy savings of the LED lighting upgrade to your business and give you a clear understanding of the financial return on your investment to put your case forward.

Wonderful service, very professional and a very competitive price. Thoroughly recommend.”

– Julie S.


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